Raising pigs has been a part of our history for over 20 years. This is why we can offer the best pork products which are with 100% organic food( whole soybeans, field peas, alfalfa meal, canola meal, linseed meal, sunflower meal) and other eco-friendly meals.

We offer the best
pork products in the country

Premium quality
100% eco friendly pork products

Our customers can choose from a wide range of fresh and frozen pork and pig products. We offer excellent customer service and is a reliable partner for the retail, food service and pork processing industry.

We supply pork products to national and international retailers, as well as food service and food processing companies. Basic raw materials are supplied to industrial customers who then process pork into a wide range of meat products.

We also process fresh pork into semi-finished and finished products for the domestic and foreign retail markets.

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We provide quality pig and pork

products at a large scale